Life is not about winning battles to celebrate.
Rather, it is to save yourself from them.
Moving back skillfully is also a kind of victory.
Arrogance can make an angel, a satan
Whereas, Humbleness could convert a simple man into an Angel.

First Love….

First love

Everyone has a first love story which is unforgettable. I too had one, thanks to this beautiful poetry by Rumi, which enthrals me. The moment I read it that face suddenly appeared. I found myself standing on the same street, where I saw her the very first time. I was in 9th grade and she was in 8th grade. We both had the same weakness, Mathematics. Our tuition teacher used to give the same feedback to us i.e. Algebra, Integers, however we were both good in Trigonometry. It all started by solving one of the equation of algebra for her, which I still wonder how I solved it. Could be the power of love, I realized a new intensity in me, when she was around. That innocence, lovely smile and big vibrant eyes. Her eyes expressed it all. Left me bewildering, if that is for me or someone else, as many young boys like me were in queue, just for one look of hers. I simply couldn’t understand, was it love or just an infatuation. But I couldn’t hear anything bad about her. If someone dared, I got into a fight with that person, though I was an introvert and never easily engaged in such activity. My inability to express my feelings to her caused desperateness in me and I had couple of more fights. The news spread like a wild fire, this boy and that girl, something was cooking between them. The whole world knew about a newly developed love story.

Only we two were unaware. Majnoon was fighting for Laila, and she could only stare. I wanted to tell those people come on, don’t make a controversy, I even hadn’t proposed her. But how could one stop whispering, the evilness of tongues and ears. It was like watching an old Hindi movie in which Zaalim Zamana (cruel society) tried to demotivates the lovers. And in the same fashion, she stopped coming to the tuition classes. Her best friend told me she was even not going along with her. Hitler Father had arrested her, for some days he stopped her going to school and later only school and back to home, no friends or relatives. I also came to know that Hitler was looking for me, he often marched to the street. A Pathan, six-foot-tall, broad shouldered, big eyes, glared at me. I remained inside the tea shop till the time he was around. I knew a single punch of his on my thin structured body, could send me easily to the next world. But I remained patient and watched movie “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, to get the motivation. And it worked, with full determination, I wrote a letter to her, expressing my emotions in words and handed over to her friend.

I waited for her response, one day, a week, a month passed away but no response. I wrote another one and confirmed with her friend that she will deliver it. Still no response, three months have passed. For the first time in my life, I wept for a girl. I was confused because I saw that love in her eyes whenever we cross passed each other but no admittance from her side. All girls are like this, flirtatious was my thoughts about her. I stopped looking or reading her eyes. And never tried to speak with her neither did she. After a year, I passed my High School with 1st Grade, my joy was sky high, the same day I received a letter delivered to me by a street child. It was written by her dated one year back; the exact date I wrote the first to her. We met one day and she cleared all the confusions, how her best friend cheated her. I never got to know, why her friend never delivered the letters to me. Did she have a crush on me or what? I never got the answer, but our relationship did well.