Divine Love…

This world was made purely on divine LOVE

Almighty GOD’s love for all his creation

For the sake of survival, we should abide by this universal law

Apparently, the world has deviated from this path

If hatred prevails, know the END is near.


Introducing: Fanney Khan

Fanney Khan was trying to fix an old table gifted to him by his late father.

He was not getting the proper angle to cut down one of the leg of the table.

So he sits over the table, and started cutting the leg.

His neighbour Mukri was passing through his shop, stopped in surprise.

Short men Mukri asked,” Fanney Mia, you are doing the wrong way. It will hurt you once the table falls.”

“That’s why I am sitting over it, it will hurt the table not me.” Fanney Khan grinned, exposing his ugly protruding teeth.

My Best Friend….

I am a best friend of myself
Some says you are arrogant, you rude
I smiled, said I enjoy my own company
Because now I completely understands me.

My mind is always busy in thoughts
That could be about people, my country, relatives
Lovers, or those who hates me
My heart is in sync with my mind.

It gives me a pleasure
to bring out the creativity,
discover the hidden dreams
of my sub conscious mind.

More it reflects on me
gives me more power
to comprehend others
One has to first recognise himself, in order to understand other’s feeling.

Day dreaming can do wonders
I read it somewhere
And its a reality
As a person, I have changed completely
It will reflect, only time will tell.

Heaven or Hell….


I met an angel, in my dream

He told me “What you seek is in your heart.”

When you follow your heart, it will only lead you to the true path.

Because GOD resides in every heart, the positivity always lies within it

Have you not seen it when you help a disable or a beggar?

You will feel relaxed, relieved, as if someone unburden you.

That’s the light of positive thoughts, that has enlightened you.

On the contrary, you also get the negative thoughts through the ears.

Satan whispers in your ears.

The problem arises when you intimidated by these Satanic whispers and spread it.

These negative thoughts will circulate easily and apparently gripped everyone.

At that time, your brain was not in sync with your heart.

For it to be synced, always think about what you have heard

Analyse it, visualize it, your one wrong action can destroy someone

Take your brain in consultation with your heart and see.

It will definitely stop you, lead you to a better decision.

If all humans think positive, they will feel like living in HEAVEN.

If negative, it will all be HELL on earth.

So spread the positivity, it will cost nothing but a small act of kindness.

You have to decide; you seek HEAVEN or HELL.



Only Breath : Rumi


Not Christian or Jews or Muslims, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi or zen. Not any religion or cultural system. 

I am not from the East or the west, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural of ethereal, not composed of elements at all.

I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or the next, did not descend from Adam and Eve or any origin story.

My place is place less, a trace of the trace less. neither body or soul.

I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one and that one call to and know, first, last, outer, inner, only that breath breathing human being.


Beautiful thought by Rumi, we are human beings and only belongs to the almighty God.

Age doesn't matter


Age is just a measurement of the time we spent in this world.

It has nothing to do with the spiritual journey we are having in this life.

God has sent us to the earth with a reason and we all have to fulfil it, willingly or unwillingly.

It depends on us, if we do good, we will always live in the hearts of people.

If do bad we still may be remember, but for wrong reasons.

Well, Good and Bad are like two sides of a coin, it will keep on tossing.

Age doesn’t matter, what does matter is what you have achieved in this world

Or what you will in the hereafter.

The soul inside you is immortal, independent of age.

It will carry the burden of what you did in this world.

What you sow here will reap in the hereafter.

Age doesn’t matter…..

In the name of Religion…..

Please read this one and comment what is your view on this.


I am writing this article because I am confused and misguided like several others in the name of religion. Let us first understand what religion is as told to us. A Religion is a belief in the existence of a supernatural power, that we call GOD. Every religion teaches, that there is a divine being, who had created the universe and everything within it. He is the preserver and destroyer. He created the galaxies, stars, sun, planets. He created birds, animals, reptiles, mosquitoes etc. He created man as well as Satan, the Jinns and other hidden creatures. Some religions say this life is a test, God is examining all of us. He will judge us on doomsday. Some say this life is a gift, live it to fullest, the heaven is here and so the hell. Some believe in reincarnation, the soul will take another form, after the death. Our sorrows, happiness, success, failures all is in his hands. A universal truth. But my question here is, did he created any religion? No, for me is No, and for all those people who really believe in GOD should say, no. It’s we humans who make religions. GOD only created man, he said to his angels to bow to Adam, as he was his finest creation. We as GOD’s finest creation should be most proud of, but are we really? Over the ages man has destroyed the nature for his own means, cutting of trees, mountains, polluted  water and air etc., there are numerous examples which we can see in today’s world. Mankind is under the process of self-annihilation. Man has not even spare the GOD, we broke his name into several pieces. Each religion is carrying a piece or more by converting it into its own form and selling it. It’s a great business, every religion carries its own version of GOD. These versions are sold in the market in the form of ideology or beliefs.

These religions have created a boundary for their followers. No one can dare to cross that barrier. It is actually more powerful than the borderline which separate the countries. Because it is more emotionally brain washed. Hinduism is for Hindus, Islam is for Muslims, Christianity is for Christians and so on. We are actually not divided by the borders but religions. When it comes to beliefs we are always at war with each other. The war of words and ideologies, one will be defeated or several can be killed in the name of religion. Examples are the crusades (or Holy wars) that ran for several hundred years. Jews, Muslims, Christians fought fiercely to gain control over the holy land of Jerusalem, Israel.  Millions lost their lives. Jerusalem is the shrine for all these three religions, they belong to the same family tree (Abrahamic religions) and they believe in the same GOD, the GOD of Abraham. Did GOD commanded them to do so or was it written in some scriptures, not at all. But they fought, for what? For their greed, to be powerful and religion served as a canopy. Over the time, religious leaders has fabricated these scriptures which benefits them and the political system. Religion and Politics always run hand by hand. There are numerous events like crusades that happened and still going on in various countries. It kill only the poor followers, who are influenced by these fraternities. At the end, they killed the HUMANITY, in the name of religion.

We all agree that all the religions carries same message, same teachings. Like love, respect, loyalty, truthfulness, brotherhood, GOD is one, Prophets and so on, the list is very vast. Yet the religions is the most common reason for the sufferings of the Man. When they enlighten us with such high standards to live, it is the one common reason of enmity. Doesn’t it sounds strange? We are very orthodox, perform every religious deity, we worship our lords in whatever form they are presented to us, spends lakhs of money in donation to religious trust, we should be more humble and kind,  but what we lack is the basic ……..HUMANITY. Unable to withstand other person, a Hindu can’t stand for a Muslim, a Muslim hates a Hindu and so on. There is always a barrier between us, which stops us to follow our conscience. It has become a sin to respect, love other religions people. Example is inter caste marriages, two persons in love get marry to spend their lives together, GOD will not have any problem with it, he will only bestow his blessings on them, but the filthy creatures down here will not accept it. They will terrified them or can create havoc. In my country, some people can even kill a person by seeing a piece of meat. The most stupid event I have ever seen or heard. Just by looking at the piece of meat, can anyone say which animal was it? Cow, Buffalo, Camel, Goat….I can’t say. But when a moron shouted aloud and claimed it belongs to an animal which they worship, believe me hundreds came out in the streets with their arms. They just heard a person who is a religious figure and they killed many for that sin, without even understanding the situation. That’s how we behave when it comes to our belief. Didn’t even realize that stupidity had just killed not only a human, but insulted the whole HUMANITY. One more incident that shocked the whole world happened last year in Pakistan. Some terrorists attacked a school and bombed it to ashes. They killed hundreds innocent children in the name of Jihad. What Jihad were they doing? When Islam clearly said that killing even a single innocent person is like killing the whole HUMANITY.

At broader level, we can conclude the similarity between religions is because their message is from the one universal being.  The message is HUMANITY. Perhaps, these religions are the part of this universal message of HUMANITY. It is dying slowly and steadily, a day will come we humans conspire by the satanic forces, would destroy it completely. That day will be the end of everything. GOD stated, he will one day ends everything we see. But that doesn’t mean we stop being human and destroy ourselves. I am not here to offend any religious sentiments or person, I even follow mine. The series of events we see in today’s world insisting us to think what and who are we following. No religion is bad but some morons are falsifying our beliefs, our mistake is we are following their fabricated religion. We should follow our religion, worship the almighty in whatever form written in our religious scripture. But should always be in the boundaries of HUMANITY. Because it is the one and only true religion. It is bigger than any country, any belief, any person. Remember, on the doomsday we will not be judged on the grounds of religion, but yes we will be benefited by our good deeds, HUMANITY.



A Fire within

A fire is burning within me
Smokeless, without flame
Nobody can see, neither understand
Only I can feel, immersed into it.

Illuminated by the jealous
Brightened by the meanness
Sparked by the hypocrisy
Of the people, I come across.

I hate their unpleasant smiles
Over smartness, Talkativeness
Sweat in front
Venomous at back.

I wonder, Life is too short
to hate, to be intolerant
Don’t judge if you want to love
Never disgust, if in doubts

Everybody is carrying this fire
Thrusting on others
To get the peace
But it only grows fire within.