Politics : Fanney Khan

Once a person asked Fanney Khan,” Fanney bhai, what do you think about today’s Politics.”

Fanney Khan was smoking a hukka, after listening to the question he first stared at the person, then his face got red as if something was bothering him to answer.

Suddenly, he farted aloud, all the people present closed their nostrils with fingers.

But Fanney Khan relaxed and felt calm. Took a puff of hukka and said,” I believe you got the answer, it’s a shit, my friend.”

Introducing: Fanney Khan

Fanney Khan was trying to fix an old table gifted to him by his late father.

He was not getting the proper angle to cut down one of the leg of the table.

So he sits over the table, and started cutting the leg.

His neighbour Mukri was passing through his shop, stopped in surprise.

Short men Mukri asked,” Fanney Mia, you are doing the wrong way. It will hurt you once the table falls.”

“That’s why I am sitting over it, it will hurt the table not me.” Fanney Khan grinned, exposing his ugly protruding teeth.