Age doesn’t matter…..

Age doesn't matter


Age is just a measurement of the time we spent in this world.

It has nothing to do with the spiritual journey we are having in this life.

God has sent us to the earth with a reason and we all have to fulfil it, willingly or unwillingly.

It depends on us, if we do good, we will always live in the hearts of people.

If do bad we still may be remember, but for wrong reasons.

Well, Good and Bad are like two sides of a coin, it will keep on tossing.

Age doesn’t matter, what does matter is what you have achieved in this world

Or what you will in the hereafter.

The soul inside you is immortal, independent of age.

It will carry the burden of what you did in this world.

What you sow here will reap in the hereafter.

Daily Prompt : Mystery

Our Universe is gigantic, so beautiful
The creator God is a mystery.

Human’s are made alike, perfect
Souls rest inside is mystery.

Day is visible with pure sunlight
What comes in night is mystery.

We search fate in lines of palm, head and foot
The future is uncertain, a mystery.

Listen, talk, beleive in others are easy
What lies in the heart is a mystery.

Dreams seen with open eyes are relatable
Those appear in sleep are mystery.

Our earth revolves around the sun with a force
How it built, a mystery.

Vegetation, Fruits,grows in soil
What make tiny seeds nurture, a mystery.

Everyday we come up with some questions, we get answered
But some remains unanswered, a mystery

In this mystical world, the life still goes on
If you think how, is again a mystery.

God is a very intelligent being
He made us to think to unfold the mystery of his world
But keeps most of them with him as a hidden treasure
We all strive hard to get it.

Life is full of joy, sadness
Remember what comes after life is again a mystery.

Daily Prompt: Release

For the sake of Goodness, release the negativity of thoughts.
Which resists you to see the beauty of the world.

For the sake of Humanity, release the hatred.
In the name of Religion, Caste, Creed, Colour.

For the sake of mother nature, release the weapons.
Created for the self destruction.

For the sake of love, release the greed.
Which ceases the warmth amongst us.

For the sake of relations, release the ego
Which prevent the reverence or affection.

For the sake of truth, release the lie.
It only sows the seeds of bitterness.

For the sake of time, release the laziness.
As the life is short and plenty of work to do.

At last for the sake of God, release the inequality.
For he has created all of us equal.
Be human and let be humans
Worship the God, he is all knowing and forgiving.
Assure him we are his finest discovery.

Daily Prompt: Express

One of the lesson of my life would be my inability to express my emotions. Since my childhood, I had a notion that your action itself portrays your expression. Let me tell you it was my notion, in the real world it is not true. I love my parents, my wife, my children, my brothers and my near ones. I always thought they should be aware of that but at the time of crisis or some confusion about me, it goes into vain. A confusion creates a perception which could be wrong or right. Most of the time that judgement failed. We assume a lie which has been said in a manner that it looks true. Somebody poisoned you and scandalised it, but anyway it is true for most. In my view, if somebody loves you because he understands you. But that’s a fallacy in real world. People always carry misconceptions, believe what has been told to them. Perhaps somebody loves you doesn’t mean he know you very well. I come to the conclusion, one needs to express not through the facial expression but by words. Words are magical, if they put in someone’s ear properly or timely it can convert a lie into truth. That’s exactly we can observe happening in the whole world.

The world has become a political ground for everybody. What we see in TV, newspaper, on internet, or anywhere, everyone is busy expressing their views on some or other things of less importance. We should salute our politicians, media persons, entrepreneur, business tycoons, for their unbeatable ability of expressive sayings. They are master storytellers. They can tell you an egg comes first or the hen, they can bring the moon on earth, they can telecast any nuances for whole day but not the truth. They will hide it, throw it deep down into the earth’s crust. I never understand why people spend their times in talking bull shits only. It seems either they are very self sufficient or they have nothing to loose.

There is a saying in India ‘An empty mind is the home for Satan’. Keep on talks…talks…talks….express…express…express.

Daily Prompt: Brave

Brave is the person who is fighting for his country in battleground.

Brave is the person working tirelessly to earn bread and clothes for his family, under stress, without any support.

Brave is the person fighting diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes etc. in a hope to get cured.

Brave is the person fighting for the injustice against the wicked and corrupt system knows the fact it is only a fallacy.

We are living in a world of uncertainty and negativity where fighting with the egos of others are equivalent or difficult than a war. We as a society are facing all kinds of problems and issues. But on broader level each individual is on its own.

We all are brave in some way or other, in our daily life struggle. And the witness is only God.