One way…

Humans by nature always judge others, it is something programmed in their minds. No matter what the way, it could be irrational, meanness, illogical, unethical etc. At times we do mistakes in understanding a person, which is one of the major cause of frustration and negativity. In the light of spirituality humans have no power to judge others. This trait belongs to God only. Humans can only understand each other through mutual agreements. Which I am afraid is missing in today’s time. There is an ancient saying that ‘Ego is man’s biggest enemy’.Which is very true, we expect good conduct, respect for ourselves however we behave quite opposite with fellow people.

Some people are very good in flattering, they will be very nice and praise you in front.But never miss a chance to let you down at your back. I myself by nature follows the straight path and never able to understand this behavior of many people around me. What I have learned in my life if either you keep a relation or you not. This applies to everything in the world, either it is right of wrong, positive or negative, yes or no. There is nothing in between them which defines may be or may not be together. Even the law of nature compliments this, either day or night, light or dark, sky or earth. In binary it is either 0 or 1.

For me it is 100% dedication or 0%, may be some will agree with me what I mean to say.
This is actually good to keep a healthy relationship and it will last forever.You like someone don’t judge, be with him. If you not or have doubts just greet the person and make your way. At least you will not offend anybody, it will generate positivity in you. If every human being starts following this it will create a favorable atmosphere, where everybody would feel respected.

A slight beam of light is enough to penetrate the darkness.

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