Heaven or Hell….


I met an angel, in my dream

He told me “What you seek is in your heart.”

When you follow your heart, it will only lead you to the true path.

Because GOD resides in every heart, the positivity always lies within it

Have you not seen it when you help a disable or a beggar?

You will feel relaxed, relieved, as if someone unburden you.

That’s the light of positive thoughts, that has enlightened you.

On the contrary, you also get the negative thoughts through the ears.

Satan whispers in your ears.

The problem arises when you intimidated by these Satanic whispers and spread it.

These negative thoughts will circulate easily and apparently gripped everyone.

At that time, your brain was not in sync with your heart.

For it to be synced, always think about what you have heard

Analyse it, visualize it, your one wrong action can destroy someone

Take your brain in consultation with your heart and see.

It will definitely stop you, lead you to a better decision.

If all humans think positive, they will feel like living in HEAVEN.

If negative, it will all be HELL on earth.

So spread the positivity, it will cost nothing but a small act of kindness.

You have to decide; you seek HEAVEN or HELL.



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