Rumi’s Take

Part from Rumi’s poem Emptiness.

Consider the difference in our actions and God’s actions.

We often ask,”Why did you do that?” or “Why did I act like that?”

We do, act, and yet everything we do is God’s creative action.

We look back and analyze the events of our lives, but there is another way of seeing, a backward and forward at once vision, that is not rationally understandable.

Only God can understand it. Satan made the excuse, You caused me to fall, whereas Adam said to God, We did this to ourselves. After this repentance, God asked Adam, Since all is within my foreknowledge, why didn’t you defend yourself with that reason?

Adam answered, I was afraid, and I wanted to be reverent.

So beautifully written by Rumi. We often blame God for our miseries and ignore our own mistakes behind that action. In our daily life, we always hit on another person for the wrong they do to us, that’s one part of action. We never analyze what prompted the person to behave that way with us. Rightly said by Rumi in later part of the poem.

‘Both tremblings come from God, but you feel guilty for the one, and what about the other.’




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