Daily Prompt: Release

For the sake of Goodness, release the negativity of thoughts.
Which resists you to see the beauty of the world.

For the sake of Humanity, release the hatred.
In the name of Religion, Caste, Creed, Colour.

For the sake of mother nature, release the weapons.
Created for the self destruction.

For the sake of love, release the greed.
Which ceases the warmth amongst us.

For the sake of relations, release the ego
Which prevent the reverence or affection.

For the sake of truth, release the lie.
It only sows the seeds of bitterness.

For the sake of time, release the laziness.
As the life is short and plenty of work to do.

At last for the sake of God, release the inequality.
For he has created all of us equal.
Be human and let be humans
Worship the God, he is all knowing and forgiving.
Assure him we are his finest discovery.

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