We humans…

I always wonder, how people behave weirdly. Our world is full of negativity. What we need a flow of positivity, only that can bring peace. We have become robots, totally dependable on the technology. Which is very dangerous as we are loosing the emotional attachment, which can only be attained by meeting and greeting with each other as much as possible. In my country, old people use to sit together in group, every morning and evening, we called it a ‘Chaupal’. They used to discuss all matters about family and neighbours. We always laughed and found it disgusting. But now I realized they actually cared about others and tried to find a solution for anyone in their neighbours. They created a strong bonds with each and every person near them. Now I realized, we all are living with each other but we are not together.

Ugly Truth….

Ugly Truth


Ugly truth of today’ s time, when tyrants oppress the innocents, very few raise their voice

When those innocents took charge and attack for seeking revenge, everybody oppose it

The problem with the world is not the Rich or powerful only, but the people who supports them

blindly for some pieces of money. They are emotionless, soulless creatures.

RIP for not having any conscience.



Life is not about winning battles to celebrate.
Rather, it is to save yourself from them.
Moving back skillfully is also a kind of victory.
Arrogance can make an angel, a satan
Whereas, Humbleness could convert a simple man into an Angel.

First Love….

First love

Everyone has a first love story which is unforgettable. I too had one, thanks to this beautiful poetry by Rumi, which enthrals me. The moment I read it that face suddenly appeared. I found myself standing on the same street, where I saw her the very first time. I was in 9th grade and she was in 8th grade. We both had the same weakness, Mathematics. Our tuition teacher used to give the same feedback to us i.e. Algebra, Integers, however we were both good in Trigonometry. It all started by solving one of the equation of algebra for her, which I still wonder how I solved it. Could be the power of love, I realized a new intensity in me, when she was around. That innocence, lovely smile and big vibrant eyes. Her eyes expressed it all. Left me bewildering, if that is for me or someone else, as many young boys like me were in queue, just for one look of hers. I simply couldn’t understand, was it love or just an infatuation. But I couldn’t hear anything bad about her. If someone dared, I got into a fight with that person, though I was an introvert and never easily engaged in such activity. My inability to express my feelings to her caused desperateness in me and I had couple of more fights. The news spread like a wild fire, this boy and that girl, something was cooking between them. The whole world knew about a newly developed love story.

Only we two were unaware. Majnoon was fighting for Laila, and she could only stare. I wanted to tell those people come on, don’t make a controversy, I even hadn’t proposed her. But how could one stop whispering, the evilness of tongues and ears. It was like watching an old Hindi movie in which Zaalim Zamana (cruel society) tried to demotivates the lovers. And in the same fashion, she stopped coming to the tuition classes. Her best friend told me she was even not going along with her. Hitler Father had arrested her, for some days he stopped her going to school and later only school and back to home, no friends or relatives. I also came to know that Hitler was looking for me, he often marched to the street. A Pathan, six-foot-tall, broad shouldered, big eyes, glared at me. I remained inside the tea shop till the time he was around. I knew a single punch of his on my thin structured body, could send me easily to the next world. But I remained patient and watched movie “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, to get the motivation. And it worked, with full determination, I wrote a letter to her, expressing my emotions in words and handed over to her friend.

I waited for her response, one day, a week, a month passed away but no response. I wrote another one and confirmed with her friend that she will deliver it. Still no response, three months have passed. For the first time in my life, I wept for a girl. I was confused because I saw that love in her eyes whenever we cross passed each other but no admittance from her side. All girls are like this, flirtatious was my thoughts about her. I stopped looking or reading her eyes. And never tried to speak with her neither did she. After a year, I passed my High School with 1st Grade, my joy was sky high, the same day I received a letter delivered to me by a street child. It was written by her dated one year back; the exact date I wrote the first to her. We met one day and she cleared all the confusions, how her best friend cheated her. I never got to know, why her friend never delivered the letters to me. Did she have a crush on me or what? I never got the answer, but our relationship did well.


One way…

Humans by nature always judge others, it is something programmed in their minds. No matter what the way, it could be irrational, meanness, illogical, unethical etc. At times we do mistakes in understanding a person, which is one of the major cause of frustration and negativity. In the light of spirituality humans have no power to judge others. This trait belongs to God only. Humans can only understand each other through mutual agreements. Which I am afraid is missing in today’s time. There is an ancient saying that ‘Ego is man’s biggest enemy’.Which is very true, we expect good conduct, respect for ourselves however we behave quite opposite with fellow people.

Some people are very good in flattering, they will be very nice and praise you in front.But never miss a chance to let you down at your back. I myself by nature follows the straight path and never able to understand this behavior of many people around me. What I have learned in my life if either you keep a relation or you not. This applies to everything in the world, either it is right of wrong, positive or negative, yes or no. There is nothing in between them which defines may be or may not be together. Even the law of nature compliments this, either day or night, light or dark, sky or earth. In binary it is either 0 or 1.

For me it is 100% dedication or 0%, may be some will agree with me what I mean to say.
This is actually good to keep a healthy relationship and it will last forever.You like someone don’t judge, be with him. If you not or have doubts just greet the person and make your way. At least you will not offend anybody, it will generate positivity in you. If every human being starts following this it will create a favorable atmosphere, where everybody would feel respected.

A slight beam of light is enough to penetrate the darkness.

Falling in love…

That was the best moment of my life
I met you my soulmate
I fall in love with you.

Spellbounded by your beauty
your intelligence and elegance
I fall in love with you.

We got married, became intimate
Discovered a new person in you
I again fall in love with you.

You became a pillar of strength
Your care makes me feel complete
I again fall in love with you.

Sometimes we fought, disagreed
You were generous to settle it first
I again fall in love with you.

You delivered the most beautiful gift
our child, so cute and lovely
I again fall in love with you.

I now understand what a true love is
It is a constant process
Of falling in love with you again and again….

This life will end one day
We will depart into the new world
To meet again, to redefine Love…


Being yourself….

Dwell yourself into your inner self,

You will found a person not known to the outer world

The soul will become a mirror of yourself,

To answer all that is hidden in sub consciousness.


Cherish being in the state of solitude,

Enjoy the fun in conversing

You will be all alone

But the whole world will be with you.




Politics : Fanney Khan

Once a person asked Fanney Khan,” Fanney bhai, what do you think about today’s Politics.”

Fanney Khan was smoking a hukka, after listening to the question he first stared at the person, then his face got red as if something was bothering him to answer.

Suddenly, he farted aloud, all the people present closed their nostrils with fingers.

But Fanney Khan relaxed and felt calm. Took a puff of hukka and said,” I believe you got the answer, it’s a shit, my friend.”

Strong Personality

Nobody throws stone on a fruitless tree. People throw it only on a tree which has ample of fruits.

Similarly, if someone have a strong personality people will always try to wronged him, no matter using the lies or irrational means. Nobody actually gives a damn to a wicked one.

For those strong people don’t worry, enjoy your life to the fullest. You got something which most people doesn’t have. You are a gifted one with some very special characteristics.